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くノ一 • Kunoichi

Prove yourself worthy to the Shogun.
Evade opponents as you ascend.
On the brink of war, the Shogun needs skilled spies and assassins. Prove yourself over the 10 floors of the temple.

Your kunai has offensive and informative uses.

Kunoichi is a single-player game of stealth and evasion. As a skilled ninja, your opponents can't even harm you as long as you have space to move. Become surrounded on three sides, though, and you'll lack the space to evade their attacks. Use your kunai, your environment, and your wits as you prove yourself over the 10 floors.

What are those symbols?

Evasion may require final solutions.

Kunoichi uses Chinese characters, called kanji in Japanese, to represent the world. The in-game meanings are based on their actual meanings, so (かべ) has the meaning of 'wall' in Japanese. When objects need multiple characters (such as for kunai, 苦無(くない)), one of the characters is used.

7DRL Edition

The 7DRL Edition is DRM-free and runs on Windows and macOS. It includes bug-fixes for the original 7DRL version. If you enjoy playing, donate to show your support. Thanks!


Kunoichi was mentioned on Roguelike Radio. CrazedNaly did a Let's Play. The Indie Ocean named Kunoichi number 5 of his top 5 7DRLs of 2014.