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After the Disaster: Triage

Save the patients; save the hospital.
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Scared patients are healthy enough to demand additional resources.
A catastrophic earthquake has struck the city. Save as many patients as you can before the hospital collapses!
After the Disaster: Triage trailer.

After the Disaster: Triage is a solitaire game where you determine who will survive the aftermath of a terrible earthquake. As the disaster coordinator, manage your staff in admitting and healing patients, siphoning diesel for the generator, and keeping the hospital intact during aftershocks. But how will you handle the panicking and dying patients you leave outside?


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The deluxe edition setup and ready to play.

Each turn begins with handling new issues for the hospital: Survivors who need help. Aftershocks that damage the hospital. A diesel source that could be scavenged. After managing the situation, you'll balance patient survival with keeping the hospital running during the crisis using your remaining action points. Each turn ends with the generator consuming diesel and survivors left outside worsening or taking matters into their own hands. The game ends after the immediate crisis has passed and all patients have been healed or have passed on…or the hospital collapses.

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After a few turns with the core edition.

Deluxe Edition

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Deluxe edition components.

The deluxe edition box contains 54 cards with an embossed texture and UV coating for ease of shuffling and durability, clips for tracking values, a ten-sided die for action points, and printed rules—and a smaller tuck box large enough to travel with the cards and clips. The deluxe edition also includes the print-and-play files.

Core Edition

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Core edition components.

The core edition tuckbox contains 54 cards with an embossed texture and UV coating for ease of shuffling and durability. You'll need to supply a way to track values such as small binder clips and optionally a way to track action points. The core edition also includes the print-and-play files.

Free Edition

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Free edition setup.

After the Disaster: Triage Free is completely free to download and free to share! It uses components that are commonly available:

If you enjoy the free edition, let us know! And consider making a donation to show your support.